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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Final Day Open Thread

It’s truly the end of an era today in Mankato.

Di Murphy

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp for 2017, and that means today’s practice marks the final time that the team will practice in Mankato after 52 years. It’s really the end of an era, as the Vikings’ 52-year relationship with Minnesota State University was one of the longest in the National Football League for teams holding their Training Camps at alternate locations. However, the team will be holding camp at their brand new facility in Eagan starting next season, so that relationship will come to an end.

Daily Norseman is live in Mankato for this historic day, as both Warren Ludford and Sarita Kelly are on the scene for us once again. You can follow both of them below.

The usual rules for the Training Camp threads apply here. For your normal Open Thread tomfoolery, head on over to today’s Open Thread.

After what seemed like forever waiting for Minnesota Vikings’ Training Camp to start, it comes to an end today, folks. In two days, we’ll be getting ready for the Vikings’ preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills and finally getting to see some semi-meaningful football once again.