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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: 30s Recap

Another group of ten in the books

Jimmy Hitchcock #37

We’ve knocked out another group of ten numbers in our Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers series, folks. Let’s take a minute to go back and review who the players that were selected for each of the numbers were, with a link back to each story in case you might have missed it.

#30: Bill Brown, RB

#31: Scottie Graham, RB

#32: Oscar Reed, RB

#33: Brent McClanahan, RB

#34: Rickey Young, RB

#35: Marcus Sherels, CB/PR

#36: Allen Rice, RB

#37: Willie Teal, CB

#38: Todd Scott, S

#39: Carl Lee, CB

There are a whole lot of running backs there, as you’d expect. The Vikings have had a lot of really solid players at that position over the years. We also managed to snag one of the great return specialists in Vikings history, as well as a few defensive backs.

We’re moving on to the 20s here in a little bit here, ladies and gentlemen, which means we’re getting that much closer to the 2017 NFL season.