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Never Tell Me The Odds: Vikings 2017 Edition

While gambling is one of the easiest ways to lose money for nothing, it’s interesting to see the odds for Vikings this year, and there is a slew of them available as the season is about to begin, so I thought I’d compile all the Vikings-related odds I could find for the upcoming season. Here they are:

Vikings Team Odds

Win the Super Bowl: 40-1

Win the NFC Championship: 16-1

Win the NFC North: 3.25 - 1

Total regular season wins, over/under: 8.5

Vikings will make the playoffs: 1.6 - 1

Vikings won’t make the playoffs: 1-2

Vikings Individual Odds

Mike Zimmer

NFL Coach of the Year: 25-1

Adam Thielen

Total receiving yards over/under: 900

Total receiving TDs over/under: 4

Dalvin Cook

Rushing and Receiving TDs over/under: 7

Total rushing yards over/under: 850

Offensive Rookie of the Year: 5-1 (was recently 9-1, tied for 2nd most likely now)

Most Rushing Yards: 50-1

Danielle Hunter

Total sacks over/under: 10

Defensive Player of the Year: 22-1

Kyle Rudolph

Total receiving TDs over/under: 6.5

Total receiving yards over/under: 750

Sam Bradford

Total interceptions over/under: 9

Total TD passes over/under: 20

Total passing yards, over/under: 3,800

Most Passing Yards: 66-1

NFL MVP: 50-1

Stefon Diggs

Total receiving yards over/under: 950

Most Receiving Yards: 100-1

Xavier Rhodes

Total interceptions over/under: 4

What We Can Glean from these Odds

I think it’s fair to say that among bookies and the gambling community, based on these odds, that:

  1. They expect Sam Bradford to have a worse year than a year ago, when he threw for 3,877 yards in 15 games, had only 5 interceptions, and 20 TD passes.
  2. They expect Danielle Hunter to be the most dominant player on the Vikings defense, at least as far as determining the Defensive Player of the Year award. No other Viking even has odds available, presumably making anyone else at least 100-1 long shots.
  3. They expect similar years for Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, even though Thielen didn’t play as much the first 5 games last season, and Diggs didn’t play in 3 games last season.
  4. They expect a pretty good rookie season from Dalvin Cook. Only Leonard Fournette has a higher over/under for total rushing yards (1,000), and only Christian McCaffrey has slightly better OROY odds (4.5 - 1)
  5. They think it’s more likely the Vikings don’t make the playoffs
  6. It’s still way more likely that the Vikings win the Super Bowl than it is to successfully navigate an asteroid field.

Your thoughts?