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New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings: Game Time, Channel, Radio, Streaming and More

The season opener is 24 hours away. Here’s how you can follow it!

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While we’re watching all of the action across the National Football League here on opening weekend, we are right around 24 hours away from the start of the Minnesota Vikings’ 2017 campaign, as they will be hosting the New Orleans Saints in the first half of a Monday night football doubleheader. If you need to know how you can follow all of the action in this one, we are here to provide you all of the information you need.

Television Info

Since this is a Monday Night Football contest, the game will air on ESPN. It’s a relatively early start time, with things getting underway from U.S. Bank Stadium at approximately 6:00 PM Central. The call from the booth will be handled by Sean McDonough and Jon “THIS GUY! THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!” Gruden. You probably have ESPN, but if you’re unsure of where it is, be sure to check your channel listings.

No map for this one because, seriously, it’s the only game that will be on at that time.

For our Canadian friends, the game will be on ESPN in Canada as well.

If you’re tuning in from the United Kingdom, this one is going to be the first half of a doubleheader on Sky Sports. As is generally the case for our UK friends with a prime time game, it will be a late start, with kickoff scheduled for right around midnight Tuesday local time.

For our men and women serving overseas, this game will be live on the American Forces Network, courtesy of AFN Sports 2. This one is scheduled for kickoff at 0000Z on Tuesday. That translates to a 0100L start in Central Europe, a 0330L kickoff time for folks in Afghanistan, and a 0800L start time for everyone in Japan and Korea.

Radio Info

If you’re not going to be anywhere near a television for this one, you’ll be able to hear the call from Paul Allen and Pete Bercich on the Vikings Radio Network. That link goes to a list of Vikings Radio Network affiliates across the Upper Midwest. See if yours will be carrying the game. There are a couple of other places you can find it online as well, including the TuneIn radio service as well as the KFAN site (if you’re on a desktop or laptop computer only. . .it won’t work on phones or tablets).

If you’re going to be listening via satellite radio, you can have the Vikings’ feed on Channel 83 on either the Sirius or the XM dial. The national broadcast from Westwood One will also be featured on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Channel 88. If you’re using the SiriusXM online app, the Vikings’ permanent home there is Channel 819.

Referee Info

According to the folks from Football Zebras, the officiating crew for the season opener will be led by Gene Steratore. Steratore has been a head referee in the NFL since 2006, and was only involved in one Vikings’ game last season, as he officiated the team’s 20-10 loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. It appears that there were only three penalties called in that entire contest, so take that how you will.

Weather Info

Well, with this game being at U.S. Bank Stadium, weather is not going to be a factor during the game. According to Weather Underground, it won’t be a factor for anyone traveling to the game, either. Temperatures will be in the lower 80s at kickoff time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the big doors were open for this one.

Streaming Info

This game will be available on the WatchESPN app.

There are also several other subscription services that are available in order to stream the game legally. Among them are, USTVNow, and Sling TV. If you’re overseas, your best bet is going to be NFL GamePass.

As we say every year, please do not come here and promote illegal streams for people to watch games on. You know those guys that show up in the content section on game day and post the things with the big, annoying graphics that say “WATCH NFL FREE HERE?” Those people get banned. The same thing will happen to you, regardless if you have 10 comments here or 1,000 or 10,000. You’re not a hero for finding a way to watch the game illegally, so please don’t do it.

That should be all of the information you need in order to keep track of all the action from U.S. Bank Stadium between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. We’ll have our Open Thread for the first quarter up about an hour before kickoff or so, and we hope that you’ll join us here for all of the fun! (Well, hopefully fun, anyway.)