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Lucky For You, It’s What I Like

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints on Monday night, and there were some key reasons why...

Sam Bradford played like the quarterback they were expecting him to be, even if it was against the worst ranked secondary in 2016. He got off to a rough start in the first quarter, but the last few minutes of the 2nd quarter and second half he played lights out. The Vikings and Bradford will be tested against tougher competition, but if they can remain consistent they can make noise in the NFC North.

Mackensie Alexander had a quietly good game. He did not allow a single catch, which bolds well for the second year player. Alexander made his name as an outside corner, and he could likely step in if an injury were to occur. Alexander might be in for a major test if the Pittsburgh Steelers decide to put Antonio Brown in the slot. He can prove to be a valuable corner with his confidence and consistency.

It is only one game of data , but the Vikings might have an offensive line they can trust. Bradford had ample time in the pocket, and he was kept clean for most of the game. Pat Elflein played very well despite receiving a 31.5 grade from Pro Football Focus. Sam Bradford commented on his play and gave him praise for "not missing a call." With Nick Easton on the left side and Joe Berger on the right, the Vikings basically have three centers on their interior.

Dalvin Cook was special on Monday night, and he cemented himself as the Vikings lead back. He broke Adrian Peterson's previous record of most yards in his first start, and created yards when the offensive of line struggled to create holes. Cook had some catching issues, but he gave the Vikings positive yards on plays that should have resulted in a loss.

The Vikings most notable strategy was moving Stefon Diggs around to create mismatches. Due to size, some would like to see Diggs as a slot nightmare, but his skill set allows him to do more for the Vikings. He proved Monday night that using him for deeper developing plays can pay dividends. If the Vikings can create space for Diggs he could become a top wide receiver this season. Thielen deserves credit as well, and the two will prove to be a great tandem.