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Video: Randy Moss’ Ring Of Honor Induction Speech

They didn’t show it on television, but we’ve got it for you

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

At halftime of the Minnesota Vikings’ victory over the New Orleans Saints, legendary wide receiver Randy Moss was inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor. Moss is the 22nd person (and the 18th player) to be inducted into the Ring of Honor, and he will be joined on 1 October by another famous Vikings’ receiver, Ahmad Rashad. Rashad will be inducted at halftime of the Vikings’ Week 4 matchup against the Detroit Lions.

Since the folks from ESPN did not show any part of the induction on television, at least that I saw, the Vikings’ official YouTube account was kind enough to put the speech there for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Moss’ speech isn’t particularly long. . .the video is just under six minutes and the first couple of minutes are taken up with introductions by Paul Allen, Zygi Wilf, and Mark Wilf. But it’s a really great speech.

Earlier in the day, Moss was presented with the purple jacket that you see him wearing in the video. During that, we got to see the side of Randy Moss that most of us Vikings fans know is there, but many others haven’t gotten to see.

This is another outstanding speech by Moss, and one with a completely different tone. He has some incredibly kind words for former teammate Jake Reed, whose job Moss (essentially) took when he joined the Vikings in 1998 and started to light up the NFL. Reed had four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons prior to Moss’ arrival, and as Moss says in his speech, passed the torch to Moss with absolutely no bitterness or anger at all.

Congratulations to Randy Moss on his induction into the Minnesota Vikings’ Ring of Honor. With any luck, at around this time next year, we’ll be talking about Moss becoming a part of another hallowed institution. . .the Pro Football Hall of Fame.