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Report: Sam Bradford’s Knee A ‘One Week Injury’

Hopefully Bradford will be back against Tampa Bay

Minnesota Vikings v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Earlier today, Ian Rapoport was on the NFL Network TV show Good Morning Football, and had this blurb about Sam Bradford And His Ailing Knee (which would be a great name for a local Minneapolis cover band, by the way):

For those of you that can’t get the video to play, the big takeaway in this segment is Rapoport saying ‘the belief before the game, even throughout the week, is that this was a one week injury.’ That’s very encouraging to hear, and if that’s the case, if there was a game for Bradford to sit out, the Steelers game was probably the best option.

Further on in the segment, he also said that the ACL and all other ligaments are ‘fine’, as Mike Zimmer said in his post game press conference, and it is as I speculated on earlier: a swelling and discomfort issue for Bradford. (Look, I don’t get to pat myself on the back very often. Let me have this one, okay?)

But Rapoport ended with a word of caution—although this appears to be a one week thing, it really all hinges on Bradford’s knee responding to treatment. If it does, great, he’ll be good to go and will play Sunday. And if taken care of, this should be okay moving forward. If it doesn’t, and they really won’t have an idea until later in the week, then there’s no guarantee he’ll be ready to go for the Bucs game, although that seems to be the expectation right now.

And this is uncharted territory for Bradford in terms of knee issues post-surgery, as far as I know. He missed two games while he was with the Eagles, but that was due to a concussion and a shoulder injury, not his knee. Since his two ACL surgeries, he’s had no issues with the twice-injured left knee since he’s been back on the field.

So all we can do is wait and see how this week goes with Uber-Trainer Eric Sugarman and his staff, and go from there.