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Sam Bradford’s Injury Believed To Be A Bone Bruise

Mike Zimmer says that his starting quarterback is “day to day”

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When asked about the injury to quarterback Sam Bradford during his post-game press conference, Minnesota Vikings’ head coach Mike Zimmer didn’t have a whole lot of answers, and frankly he sounded like he was tired of people asking. Now, there’s a report that may clarify exactly what’s going on with Bradford’s balky knee.

Close Personal Friend of DN™ Tom Pelissero is reporting that the Vikings think that Bradford is dealing with a bone bruise in his leg. The plan is apparently to see how Bradford’s knee reacts to some sort of injection and re-evaluate things from there.

I don’t know a whole lot about bone bruises, so I looked up some information about them, and it sounds like the only real cure for such a problem is rest. As we’ve heard over the past few days, the MRI that Bradford had following the Week 1 victory showed no ligament damage or anything else, so hopefully this is the only thing that Bradford is dealing with.

In his press conference this afternoon, Zimmer once again said that Bradford’s situation was “day to day,” but he also said that the team doesn’t intend to sign another quarterback. Depending on who you ask and/or how much time that person has spent on WebMD over the past 24 hours or so, the timeline for Bradford’s return varies quite a bit. There’s been some speculation that he could be back this Sunday when the Vikings take on the Buccaneers, or that he could be out for a while yet.

Hopefully, any decision that is made will be made far enough in advance to ensure the Vikings are ready for what could be a pretty significant game on Sunday afternoon. If we get any more information on what’s going on, we’ll pass that along here.