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New Beginnings

New jobs are fun, aren’t they?

Eurosport Bundesliga Media Day Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

What’s up, Daily Norseman?

Been a while since I’ve posted anything and obviously I’m hoping that changes soon. It’s been a while because the rest of my life has actually managed to get fairly busy over the last few months.

It started out with an internship in the front office of the Willmar Stingers, one of Minnesota’s five collegiate summer baseball teams in the Northwoods League (Warrior, can’t believe I didn’t see you around, and if I did, I didn’t know it was you!). So that was one big happy fest of fun, let me tell you. Lots of hours, lots of work, not well-paying, and despite how the first few days went, the time just flew by.

So obviously after coming back to the Cities from Willmar, I had to start looking for a job. As I’m sure a few of you remember me saying in past threads in various scopes, I’ve been wanting to get into the world of sports journalism.

After about a month of searching and a referral or two, I’m happy to say that I’ve accepted a position as sports reporter with the Monticello Times and started last Friday!

So for any of you up in the Monticello region, I’ll be covering their high school sports and hopefully expanding into news coverage as well after I get more settled in. Anyway, hopefully it will not change anything about my role here at the Daily Norseman, and I’ll still be in threads as much as I can and maybe writing more often for you guys.

Just thought I’d share where my life is going, and how weird it actually feels to be doing this reporting thing professionally now. Hopefully everybody else is having success in their careers as well, and Skol Vikings!