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Roughing The Podcast, Episode 30: Ugly Losses Are Ugly

There was little good, a fair amount of bad, and a lot of ugly. Di and Ted break it down.

Di and Ted return with another episode of Roughing The Podcast, and in this show they discuss:

National Talk Like A Pirate Day. One of them thinks the show should be conducted by talking like pirates. The other one...does not. Because she is a fun hater. Allegedly. ARRRRRGH!!!

And because Football Jesus hates the Vikings, they discuss the situation regarding Sam Bradford and his knee, and how long he’ll be out. It would have been a much better discussion had they talked about it using pirate voices, in one person’s esteemed opinion.

From there, it’s the comedy of errors that was the Steelers game. They go over the offensive miscues, the defensive miscues, and the special teams miscues. Because that was pretty much the only thing the Vikings did consistently all day.

After they wrap up the Steelers, it’s a discussion about Ezekiel Elliott. They touch a little bit on his legal proceedings stemming from his looming six game suspension, but most of the conversation revolves around whether or not Elliott quit on the Cowboys during the Sunday loss to Denver.

Finally, they wrap up the show discussing the Bucs game, make a score prediction, and take listener questions.

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