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Former Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson Is Ready To “Stick It” To Former Team

Peterson is happy to be back home in the south, wants to take Saints to the Super Bowl

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

To say that former Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson is excited to come back and face his former team is an understatement. Peterson will walk back into U.S. Bank Stadium in Week One with his new team the New Orleans Saints and is looking for a win. But he doesn’t want to just win, he wants to pick them apart. Mark Craig of the Star Tribune spoke with Peterson about his hopes for week one and beyond.

“Of course I want to stick it to them. I want to stick it to everyone we play. But going back to Minnesota, playing the Vikings? Yeah I want to stick it to them.” While that comment may sound ripe with bitterness, Peterson says he is happy for Minnesota and the new running backs they have and is happy that both sides moved on.

For those that don’t remember or have blocked it out Peterson spent his last season in Minnesota injured. He had surgery to repair his meniscus that was 90 percent torn. He missed 13 games and after the season he was let go by the Vikings because of a contract dispute.

Peterson claims that he “would have thought about” taking a lesser amount for his contract but claims he didn’t hear from Minnesota until they signed Latavius Murray. But Adrian doesn’t let any talk of new running backs here or what they can do for the team bother him. “Whatever floats their boat. Teams run different styles of offense. The Saints are a dominant pass team. But they’re trying to be more balanced so Sean pursued me. I know what I can do. Whatever Minnesota feels like will advance them they should go for it. I am.”

Peterson’s new teammates seem to be all aboard the all day train because they have nothing but high praise when it comes to Adrian and his ability. Saints quarterback Drew Brees said, “He’s just intense. It’s one speed all the time. He even runs angry in practice.”

While we in Minnesota have heard the constant year in and year out talk of how he will comeback better, stronger, faster this is a first for the Saints and so far, they are all in with Peterson who will playing more of a backup roll to his younger counterparts. But if history really does repeat itself, and he looks the way he has been looking for the past few years with the Vikings, it will be business as usual for the 32-year-old running back which doesn’t bode well for him nor New Orleans.

But Adrian isn’t going to let any of that bother him. He has one goal in mind and that is to come back to Minnesota again in February to play and win Super Bowl LII. “In my mind, we’re starting and ending the season in Minnesota.”