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SotaStick Co. Is Back and Honoring the Purple People Eaters

Another winner from a great Minnesota company

We’ve featured the work of the folks from SotaStick Co. before, and they’re back with another really sweet t-shirt that you can add to your collection.

As you can see, the shirt pays homage to the Purple People Eaters, the incredible defenses of the Vikings’ past. It’s a purple-on-purple design, because hey. . .there’s literally no such thing as too much purple.

Having purchased apparel from the folks at SotaStick Co. before, I can tell you that their t-shirts are high quality. I’ve never had one shrink or fade on me, which is always a quality you want in your clothes.

You can get your own Purple People Eaters shirt from SotaStick Co. at the link above there. We’re more than happy to support a solid Minnesota company, and hopefully some of you will be as big a fan of their work as I’ve become over the past couple of years.