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Feast on the Field

Feast on the Field

The Minnesota Vikings will host Super Bowl 52, and preparations are almost complete for the nation’s biggest event every year.

I had a wonderful opportunity to partake in Feast on the Field put on by the Schwan’s company. They were celebrating their 65 anniversary and hosted an intimate event with media and various contributors. The event also celebrated a partnership with the Minnesota Super Bowl Committee to host the event.

Upon entering the empty stadium, the lighting was reminiscent of a pond lit by various fireflies. The event brought some of the most respected chefs in the country to serve some of their specialty dishes. Long tables filled the middle of the field, and everyone gathered together like family. There was a theme for the event; family. Schwan’s had been a family business for 65 years and this event encapsulated the atmosphere of a company that brought joy to many families.

Various speakers shared their personal stories on Schwan’s influence on their life, but the food connected us unanimously. The chefs were tasked with creating meals that were centered around the four seasons. The journey of each courses is highlight Minnesota’s appeal. Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring, all four season present themselves in Minnesota every year; even if certain season last longer than others.

The event staff were gracious and humble, and not mentioning them would be a disservice to pleasure of the event. I had never experienced the foods that were presented before me, but I wish I could consume them again.

First meal was a mixed green salad with the slightest splash of dressing. The next course came as a surprised but a blossomed squash stuffed with a cheese curd. The combination of textures were both riveting and exciting, and the courses continued to flow one after another.

The crayfish was the penultimate course with a fish and scallop cake in a mousse that sweetened the taste. The final course was a roasted duck topped with foie gras. I’ve never had duck before, but my reluctance was quickly quelled with the savory and delectable flavors.

After dinner mingling amongst the guest was encouraged, and a light jazz group provided entertainment. A craving of dessert compelled me to head over to the table with cookies and materials for S'mores. The exterior tables contained countless shrimp and mussels that overflowed over the edges.

I wandered around the stadium, and found remarkable ice sculptures that could only make one exhilarated for the designs to come in February. I ventured over to a bar made of ice where the bartender was preparing a concoction that mixed both coffee and rum with freshly grounded cinnamon. He was sure to inform us that the ingredients were good for digestion.

There was an apparent culture that made me excited for Minnesota to host the Super Bowl. The winter though cold, is an exciting time for the state for a myriad of fun activities. The rest of the country will get to partake in the Minnesota experience for a week. If Super Bowl week is anything like Feast on the Field, the country will get to truly see that Minnesota is a great state. Feast on the Field was an experience I will never forget, and I can imagine the events this state is preparing to host during the Super Bowl.