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Roughing The Podcast, Ep 31

We’re all day to day

In this episode of RTP, Di and Ted are back, talking Vikings football. Di compares her school orientation to Blair Walsh missing a field goal wide left. Ted will miss Playboy’s articles.

They open up reviewing the beat down they gave the Buccaneers, and thoughts on Case Keenum short and long term. They also discuss some surprising offensive stats, like the #2 rusher in Dalvin Cook, and the #2 WR tandem in the NFL, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen.

They also discuss Trae Waynes, and whether or not the secondary turned a corner. They wrap up the Bucs game by giving out game balls on offense and defense.

From there, it's this week in Vikings news. They talk about Xavier Rhodes living rent free in the head of Mike Evans, and Everson Griffen for calling out Lions T Greg Robinson for being lazy. They also discuss the early success of Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers, and how different they look compared to last year's offensive line.

From there, it's a Lions preview. Do they like Keenum over Matt Stafford this Sunday? The Lions run defense feels vulnerable, and it might be a big day for Dalvin Cook. Are the Lions a lot like the Vikes were at 5-0 last year? They discuss. Finally, they give you players to watch and a game prediction.

As always, they wrap the show up with listener questions.

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