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Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad Tracker 2017

Who will the Vikings keep on the 10-man squad?

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
Will Ifeadi Odenigbo be a part of the Vikings’ practice squad? (Update: YES!)
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

2017 Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad

Name Position
Name Position
Dylan Bradley DT
Kyle Carter TE
Bronson Hill RB
Cayleb Jones WR
Elijah Lee LB
Ifeadi Odenigbo DE
Horace Richardson CB
Kyle Sloter QB

UPDATE 2:26 PM: The Vikings have officially released their practice squad signings. The story on their site also includes WR Cayleb Jones, who has apparently made the squad. The list from the Vikings’ site does not include quarterback Kyle Sloter, who will be signing his deal later on today.

The Vikings still have two open spots on the practice squad. We’ll have to wait and see who they fill those spots with.

UPDATE 1:50 PM: Another defensive lineman has made the Practice Squad. Dylan Bradley, come on down! You’re the sixth contestant on the Practice Squad Is Right!

UPDATE 1:32 PM: It appears that recently waived cornerback Horace Richardson will join the Vikings Practice Squad:

To quote the great American poet John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.: whoa, we’re halfway there. Five spots filled, five remaining.

UPDATE 1:26 PM: The Vikings have kept another draft pick around. Defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo will remain with the team:

Good thing we all taught you how to pronounce his name last month.

That makes four spots filled and six remaining for the Vikings.

UPDATE 1:10 PM: It appears that the Vikings will not be retaining 7th round safety Jack Tocho on the Practice Squad.

UPDATE 12:49 PM: To clarify an earlier version of this post: Blake Bell was claimed to the Vikings active roster, not the Practice Squad. So only three spots have been claimed.

UPDATE 12:43 PM: The Vikings have brought back running back Bronson Hill to the Practice Squad:

That brings us up to three filled positions on the Vikings Practice Squad. Seven to go.

UPDATE 12:36 PM: Another signing has been announced, and it’s a quarterback:

Sloter was a popular figure in Denver, but he was deemed expendable after the Broncos reunited with Brock Osweiler. Denver fans were hoping to bring him back to the Practice Squad, but it appears that the Vikings have landed him instead. With only two healthy quarterbacks on the roster, it made sense for the Vikings to at least keep one on the Practice Squad. Sloter probably isn’t ready for the prime time yet, but according to many scouts he has lots of potential.

UPDATE 12:09 PM: While two players have been added to the Practice Squad, we have learned about three players that will not be returning to the Vikings: Zac Kerin left to the Lions, Edmond Robinson was claimed by the Jets, and T.J. Clemmings was picked up by the Redskins. Bell was the only player that was awarded to the Vikings off waiver claims.

UPDATE 12:01 PM: The Vikings have apparently picked up former 49ers tight end Blake Bell.

Bell had 19 catches for 271 yards in his two years in San Francisco. With players like Kyle Carter in camp, the move seems a little puzzling for the Vikings at first until you consider the connection Bell has with the coaching staff:

Bell was claimed to the active roster, which means there are still nine Practice Squad spots left.

UPDATE 11:52 AM: After it was originally reported that 7th round draft pick Elijah Lee wasn’t going to accept a Practice Squad spot with the Vikings, he’s going to end up with Minnesota after all. Lee is the first player announced on the Practice Squad, which leaves nine more spots.

Starting in a little less than an hour here, the Minnesota Vikings will be able to start building their 10-man practice squad for the 2017 NFL season. There were a bunch of players that were waived during this weekend’s cuts, and though the practice squad is likely going to be comprised of players that spent Training Camp with the Vikings, there’s a chance that they could poach some players that were released by other NFL teams.

If you need a refresher about who is allowed to sign with the practice squad and who is not, you can check out the rules about the Practice Squad in this post here.

We will be doing our best to keep everything updated with all the news (along with some possible rumors and potential innuendoes) about the Vikings’ practice squad. It shouldn’t take too long for the group to get filled in. It hasn’t in past years, in any case.

So, before too long, we’re going to know who the Minnesota Vikings want to keep on the practice squad in an attempt to develop them for the future. Keep it right here if you want to stay informed!