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Talking Vikings/Saints with Bison 1660 in Fargo

Daily Norseman’s Eric Thompson joined The Brakedown Show to preview Sunday’s big Divisional Round matchup.

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Throughout the Upper Midwest, we’re counting down the hours until the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints do battle in the NFC Divisional Playoffs Sunday afternoon. I have been a frequent guest on The Brakedown with Keith Brake on Bison 1660 out of Fargo in the past, but today was the first time I had the pleasure of being on air with guest hosts Moose and Farley. (Keith was out of town on an announcing assignment.)

Not only are Moose and Farley great radio DJ names, they are excellent hosts that just so happen to be huge Vikings fans. After some requisite gloating about my alma mater, North Dakota State, winning their sixth FCS championship in seven seasons, we dove into previewing Sunday’s game.

We started out with discussing how different the teams could look compared to the Vikings victory in Week 1 and how each team could approach the game differently. We rehashed the Saints’ win over the Panthers and how their explosive offense might fare this week against the league’s best defense.

The “revenge game” phrase is getting thrown around a lot this week. We acknowledged that while it’s very personal for fans, it’s just an important playoff game for the players. I brought up my disdain for Sean Payton (spoiler: he’ll be heavily featured in my preview article Thursday) and the guys agreed that he just rubs you the wrong way. The Saints-then-Falcons tour seems to be preordained if the Vikings will make the Super Bowl but we still talked about who we’d like to see in the NFC Championship if the Vikings do happen to prevail this weekend.

Before finishing up by making predictions for Sunday’s game, we briefly discussed the quarterback conundrum the Vikings will have on their hands in 2018 while giving early leaders in the clubhouse for who might get the starting gig. But we’ll have plenty of time to worry about that in an offseason that hopefully won’t come for another three and a half weeks!

Click here to listen to the entire 17-minute interview. Thanks again to the folks at Bison 1660 for having me on; it’s always a fun conversation. Skol!