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Yahoo! Sports to stream all remaining NFL Playoff games

So, if you’re not near a TV, you can still stream the game. Legally.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Every week when we put stuff together on how to watch the Minnesota Vikings, one of the primary concerns is how you can stream the game online. While illegal streams suck, there is now a way for you to watch the remainder of the NFL Playoffs on a mobile device.

Earlier this week, the folks from Yahoo! Sports announced that anyone will be able to stream the remaining games of this year’s NFL postseason, all the way to the big game at the end, courtesy of the Yahoo! Sports app. Anyone can do this regardless of the mobile network that they might be on.

Starting with this afternoon’s NFC Divisional Round game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles, anyone can jump on the Yahoo! Sports app and watch live NFL action. Of course, we will have Open Threads for all of the games right here on the site if you’d like to watch and discuss the game with your fellow Minnesota Vikings’ fans, but if you’re away from a television and need to get your NFL fix, there’s a way for you to do that.

Will you be streaming this weekend’s games through your mobile device?