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Saints at Vikings in GIF Form

We use GIF’s to figure out how we were all feeling, because it’s Tuesday and I still can’t put this into words

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Ed note: There are a lot of GIF’s in this post, so if you’re on a mobile device you might want to wait until you can get to a computer for this one. Also, a couple GIF’s have with some NSFW language.

For those of you that have read a fair amount of my work, or know me in real life, you know I’m usually not at a loss for words. But after Stefon Diggs ran into the tunnel and into Vikings lore, all I could do was primordial screaming and OHMYGOD’ing for a good two or three minutes.

Finally, after watching the last play literally dozens of times, I kind of reflected on what a monumental game this was, and how the emotions ebbed and flowed, especially n the last couple minutes.

Words cannot do it justice, though, try as I might. So let’s GIF this baby!

In the days leading up to the game, looking at how poorly the Saints had played on the road recently, and how much of an advantage the Vikings had at US Bank Stadium, I was feeling pretty good about things.

As the game started, the Vikings took control and jumped out to a 17-0 halftime lead, I was feeling even better. Everything was unfolding EXACTLY like I thought it would, and between you and me, I was feeling a little bit cocky.

We are halfway home, man. There is no stopping us now, baby! Then as we progressed through the third quarter, the Saints started driving.

Then Saints WR Michael Thomas hit Andrew Sendejo with a cheap shot to the head, and all the repressed anger I’ve had towards the Saints since 2009 came spilling out. FUCK THOSE GUYS MAN!

On the next play, Thomas beat Xavier Rhodes for a touchdown, and it’s now 17-7.

Look, no worries. It’s still a 10 point lead, and there’s only a minute left in the third quarter. All the Vikings have to do is go on a decent drive, get some points, and salt this game away. What’s that? An interception? On their next offensive play?

Look, it’s not a disaster yet. Hold the Saints to a field goal, get the ball back...what? Touchdown Saints, you say? 17-14 now?

Vikes get the ball back, and on a clutch third down Jarius Wright makes a HUGE catch, getting the Vikings in field goal range.

The drive stalls, and out comes Kai Forbath to try a 49 yarder.

BUT HE MAKES IT! Vikes up 6, just over 10 minutes left!!

What’s that? Shitbag McCheaterface’s team goes three and out on the next series? One long drive and even just a field goal essentially ices it? WE GOT THIS MAN!

Vikes moving the ball, and Keenum hits Diggs for a first down across midfield!

Wait, penalty. On the Vikings.

So the Vikings have to punt. Look, five minutes is a long time, and the Saints have had only one long drive today. They aren’t driving the length of the field again, so if Quigley can pin them inside the fiv—BLOCKED PUNT YOU SAY AND THE SAINTS ARE ON THE VIKES 40???

Just...hold ‘em to a field goal, man. Hold ‘em to a field goal, get the ball back, run out the clock and get on a plane to Philly before this blows up in our face. Touchdown, Saints. Saints now lead 21-20, three minutes left.

Look guys, we can still do this. All we need is a drive to kill the clock, and Forbath can kick a field goal and we win it. Right guys? We can do this, right?

Yeah, we’re screwed. But wait, Keenum hits Thielen and we’re now at the the Saints 40! Five more yards and a fourth down, here comes Forbath, needing to hit a 53 yarder to give the Vikings the lead with under two minutes left.

The kick is up...


Wait, there’s still 1:29 to go. Is that too much time? It feels like too much time.

Still, with 45 seconds left, the Saints are facing 4th and 10 from the Vikings 46. A stop here, and it’s over. No way he’s making it. Not on this defense, at home, with this much on the line. No way.

Oh. It’s just a matter of time before they kick a field goal and win. Time to come to the realization that we’re going to have to deal with another soul-crushing loss.

Four plays later, will Lutz nails a 40 yard field goal. There’s only 25 seconds left.

It’s over. 10 seconds left. I’m just watching the end because I’m too stunned to grab the remote. Friends are texting me condolences. My house is like a funeral home.

To the Saints, again. Those lousy cheaters.

Keenum takes the snap, haves it...Diggs CAUGHT IT! AT ABOUT THE 30! GET OUT OF BOUNDS—






Hey Stefon, you had it all the way, right?

Skol Vikes, on to Philly.