The Neighborhood Schism

As some of you know, I don't live anywhere near Minnesota, I live in a quiet subdivision in the South, but that hasn't stopped me from supporting the Vikings in my own way. A few years ago I ordered a 3x5 Vikings flag from Amazon, every game day morning I get up, grab the Vikings flag, attach it to the flag pole and hang it from the holder on the front of my house. After the game I take the flag down before I go to bed, rinse and repeat weekly.

In my hood there aren't a lot of NFL flags flown, during football season most are college flags, primarily Florida or Florida State with a smattering of Georgia flags. Sure there's the guy around the corner that flies an OSU and Steeler flag, but I'm the only one that consistently places an NFL team flag outside his house during football season.

That was true until this year, my neighbor Bob, (we'll call him Bob) is a really nice guy; he retired from up North and brought his family here for the weather and better schools. He's an all around great neighbor, but as I traipsed outside on the Sunday prior to the Monday night opener against the Saints game I noticed a change in my little hood. You see Bob is apparently an Eagles fan, "good for him" I thought to myself "I hope his team does well this year." Didn't really give it a second thought until a couple of weeks ago.

You see, I have a single 3x5 flag that I've had for several years, one flag. All of a sudden I notice Bob has a new Eagles flag, it's a 4x6 Eagles flag and bigger than mine. In the interest of hood detente I didn't say anything about it to him, I got on Amazon and ordered another Vikings flag, pole and holder. Prior to wild card round on Sunday I walked outside, sure enough Bob has that large Eagles flag hanging from his house. I calmly walked inside my garage, grabbed my power tools, put that second flag holder on the house and hung out two Vikings flags. Boom, Bob, top that.

He did.

Last Saturday morning I walked outside to put up my two Vikings flags, I looked over at Bob's....and he had two 4x6 Eagles flags and and Eagles topper for his yard. I don't know what a topper is either, it's a big sign that says "EAGLES" on top of his flagpoles. I had been bested, at least for now, but I wasn't sure how to outdo Bob. A flag topper like Bob's that says "VIKINGS" maybe, no it had been done already. I had to think about it.

As I was reading the daily thread I noticed two of the regulars have a basement bar with purple lighting. I don't have a basement or a bar, but an idea came to mind.....back to Amazon.

Yesterday afternoon I sent one of my kids a text, "did I get anything from Amazon today?" The reply was "yes Dad, and can I have some money for dinner." My reply was "thank you" and "dinner is in the crockpot." Once I was done gouging for the day I raced home to see if what I had ordered had arrived. Yes indeed it had, approximately 150 feet of Christmas lights in purple AND a purple meteor shower. I changed clothes as quickly as possible and hung all the lights around the front of my house before mrs_rob came home and before Bob had a chance to see them. Did I leave them on all night, yes I did!

Friday morning is our trash pick up, as I was walking my trash cans outside this morning I noticed Bob standing outside his house staring at my Clark Griswald inspired purple lit house. I walked over and he said "nice purple lights" My response was "thanks Bob, I like your two flags and topper" We talked about mundane things for a few minutes and after a few pleasantries I pardoned myself to go back inside. As I was walking away I turned and said "Hey Bob, hope it's a good game Sunday and no injuries" Bob being the good dude he is said "yes, hope it's a good game and no injuries and say are you going to leave those on all weekend?" I replied "Yes Bob, it's a purple weekend, Skol Vikings!"

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