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Sportsbook gives Patriots best chance of being Vikings’ February opponent

We take a look at the odds of all these potential matchups

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

As we know, there is a rather significant football game that will be taking place at U.S. Bank Stadium on the first Sunday in February. The Minnesota Vikings are a part of the playoff pool that has an opportunity to play in that game, which would make them the first team ever to play that particular contest in their home stadium.

With six different potential AFC opponents for that game, who do the sports gambling types see as the most likely matchup for the Vikings? Well, the folks from the mothership took a look at it and found out.

  • The most likely February opponent for the Vikings would be the AFC’s top seed, the New England Patriots. The experts at Bovada actually give this matchup the greatest probability of all 36 potential finales, putting the odds of it happening at 4/1.
  • Next would be a rematch of the Week 2 contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which Bovada gives a 9/1 probability of occurring. This time, however, the Vikings would be at home and would (presumably) be starting a quarterback that would be out there on more than a couple of hours notice.
  • Apparently the sportsbook doesn’t see a whole lot of difference between the other two AFC division champions. They have 25/1 odds of the Vikings seeing either the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Kansas City Chiefs on 4 February.
  • Not surprisingly, the two least-likely matchups involving the Vikings also involve the two AFC Wild Card teams. Both the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills have odds of 110/1 of reaching the final game of the 2017 season against Minnesota. Of course, if it would happen to be the Bills, the odds of the apocalypse occurring would immediately shoot up to being an even money bet, so weigh that factor accordingly.

That’s what the “experts” think of the potential opponents for the Vikings, should they be only one of two teams in the National Football League that will play a game in February this season. Do you agree?