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Two more teams request permission to interview Pat Shurmur

And one of them is another division rival

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It appears that Minnesota Vikings’ offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is getting more and more popular, as two more teams have requested permission to interview him for their head coaching vacancies.

Yesterday, we passed along the news that both the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions wanted to have a sit-down with Shurmur. Today, the other NFC North team that’s now looking for a head coach, the Chicago Bears, have requested permission for an interview as well. In addition, the New York Giants have also put in a request.

That brings the potential number of suitors for Shurmur’s services (say that five times fast) to four, and increases the likelihood that the team is going to be in the market for a new offensive coordinator when the Vikings’ playoff run comes to an end.

To clarify, the request for permission to interview a coach is more of a formality than anything. Per NFL rules, clubs can’t deny a coach permission to interview for a head coaching vacancy. (They can deny interviews for other positions, such as a quarterbacks coach interviewing for an offensive coordinator job.) The team can, however, require that any team that wants to interview a coach has to do it at their place, and head coach Mike Zimmer said yesterday that the Vikings were going to require teams that were interested in Shurmur to do just that.

There might be other teams that request permission to interview Pat Shurmur at some point here, and if there are. . .or if any other rumors surrounding the man that runs the Vikings’ offense come up. . .we will bring them to you here.