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AFN to broadcast Conference Championship games after all

Some good news for Vikings’ fans overseas today

US soldiers watch a video transmission d Photo credit should read SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images

Yesterday, when we brought you our weekly post on how you can follow all of the action for this week’s Minnesota Vikings contest, we mentioned that the American Forces Network had been taken off of the air due to the government shutdown. This would have prevented our men and women in uniform overseas from being able to watch today’s AFC and NFC Championship Games, which is definitely something that they don’t deserve to have happen.

However, the news has just come down that a solution has been found. . .to this issue, not to the shutdown as a whole. . .and our troops in foreign countries will be able to watch the games today after all. The American Forces Network will be bringing back two of their channels for today’s game, and one of them will be the one carrying today’s games.

(Again, this is not the place where we talk about the government shutdown. If you want that sort of discussion/argument, point your browser elsewhere.)

So, with that, here is the broadcast schedule for AFN’s coverage of today’s games.

AFC Championship Game - Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots

  • 2000Z kickoff
  • 2100L for everyone in Central Europe
  • 0030L on Monday morning for viewers in Afghanistan
  • 0500L on Monday morning for fans in Japan and Korea

NFC Championship Game - Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

  • 2340Z kickoff
  • 0040L on Monday morning for everyone in Central Europe
  • 0410L on Monday morning for viewers in Afghanistan
  • 0840 on Monday morning for fans in Japan and Korea

Enjoy the games, everyone, and we’ll have more coverage of the NFC Championship Game for you as we get closer to kickoff.