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Darrell Bevell, Kevin Stefanski to be interviewed for Vikings OC position

We could see the return of another familiar face

Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In addition to Ben McAdoo and Mike McCoy, two more names have emerged in the Minnesota Vikings’ search for a new Offensive Coordinator. They’re both going to be familiar to Vikings fans, as one is on the current coaching staff and the other would potentially be returning after a lengthy absence.

The first is Kevin Stefanski, who currently serves as the team’s quarterbacks coach. Stefanski has been with the Vikings since the start of the Brad Childress regime in 2006, yet is still only 35 years of age (he’ll turn 36 in May). In addition to the quarterbacks, he’s also coached running backs and tight ends during his time with the Vikings.

The other is former Vikings’ offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Bevell was the Vikings’ OC under Childress from 2006 to 2010, and has spent the past the past seven years serving in that capacity for the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently when Bevell was here the last time he did not call any offensive plays, a duty that he would certainly assume if he were to be hired by the team now.

All things considered, I would love to see Stefanski get the opportunity. He’s young, but he’s still seen a few different offenses come through Minnesota during his time here. He could prove to have the sort of imagination to combine some of the stronger elements of those offenses and take things to the next level for this offense. He’s also, obviously, got a relationship with all of Minnesota’s current quarterbacks, so whoever the Vikings wind up going with would already be familiar with what their coordinator wants.

Mostly, I just don’t want this team to be satisfied with picking up someone else’s leftovers. Guys like Bevell and McAdoo and McCoy have had their opportunities in the NFL already. Give some new blood an opportunity. Stefanski is obviously highly thought of, as he’s been with the team through three different head coaching regimes. There has to be something to that, one would think.

There hasn’t been any timeframe given as to when the Vikings would want a new Offensive Coordinator in place, but with NFL Combine season and free agency just around the corner, I wouldn’t expect them to delay it too long.