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No, Minneapolis ride share drivers won’t drop Eagles fans in the sticks

Honestly, you’re being stupid. Stop being stupid.

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NFL: OCT 15 Packers at Vikings

In an attempt to deflect from the behavior we saw inside and outside of Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, apparently the story is going around that fans of the Minnesota Vikings are plotting some sort of revenge. Not “throwing full beer cans” or “going after players’ families” revenge, but something infinitely more heinous.

I’m talking about. . .posing as drivers for ride sharing services and dropping people off at the wrong place.

Give me a freaking break. Nobody that drives for a rideshare service and takes that job seriously is going to do something so stupid.

Honestly, I know some folks that drive for some of these services in the Twin Cities. You know why they do it? To make themselves some extra money. You know what happens when you do something that stupid and the customer reports you? You don’t get to drive for them anymore, and therefore don’t make any money. Given that most people kind of like the idea of making money, doing something so dumb would pretty much run counter to any sort of common sense.

On top of that, if you’ve ever used one of these services, you know that the app contains a map-based navigation system that the driver and the passenger can use. It also tells you how long it should take to go from your starting point to your destination. So, if you feel as though something is amiss, you can report the circumstances to the ride sharing service, and they will take the appropriate actions. Oh, and you can get out of the car at a stop. (I’m pretty sure they had stoplights the last time I was in the Cities. I wouldn’t think they’ve taken them down.) Seriously, they have Terms of Service and legal stuff and everything. I understand that, for some, reading is hard, but in this case it’s actually pretty helpful.

I’m sure that, in the wake of last Sunday’s game, some people might have thought this sounded like a cute idea. But, in actuality, it’s kind of like when you’re seven years old and you get into an argument with your parents and you swear that you’re going to run away from home. So, you go and stuff a bunch of things in a backpack and you start walking. Then you get about two blocks away from your house and it dawns on you just exactly what a monumentally stupid idea this is. I’m guessing that this idea hit the realization stage no more than an hour after it was hatched.

In any event, if you’re planning on using a ride sharing service in the Twin Cities during Super Bowl week, you can be assured that they will take you to and from your desired destination without incident, even if you were a complete jackwagon to Vikings fans that traveled to Philadelphia. Why? Because it’s the Twin Cities, that’s why. However, you might want to consider not being a jackwagon to them while you’re in their vehicle, and possibly even consider treating your driver as if they were a human being. I get that it’s a big ask, but I think most folks are capable of it.