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Season end clearout at Breaking T

You can get a little extra off each of their fantastic Vikings designs

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Yes, the season didn’t quite end the way we fans of the Minnesota Vikings wanted it to. However, our friends at Breaking T are attempting to ease the pain a little bit by offering a discount on their remaining inventory of Vikings’ t-shirts for anyone that hasn’t already picked one up.

Between now and Super Bowl Sunday, you can pick up any of their remaining stock of shirts for an extra 17% off. All you have to do is use the code MIN17 at checkout in order to receive the discount.

In addition, the shirt that started it all for us at Breaking T, the “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck” design, is already $10 off. That means, with the code, it can be yours for right around $12.

You can also pick up our “Skol Train” and “Skoly S#*t!” designs for the same 17% discount. Again, just use the code MIN17 at checkout.

(Our “Making the Leap” design, unfortunately, is sold out and won’t be reproduced.)

Be aware that, at least in the case of the Skol Train t-shirt, there are pretty limited quantities available. That particular shirt is only available in medium and extra large. All other sizes of that one have sold out.

Once these shirts are gone, they’re gone, ladies and gentlemen. So, if you want to pick any of them up for yourself or the Vikings fan in your life, head on over to our storefront at Breaking T and grab them now! The promo code is good through next Sunday, so you’ve got some time. . .but not a whole lot of it.