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Vikings up for NFL Celebration of the Year tonight

There will be a live vote on FaceBook Live

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

While the football season is, unfortunately, over for the Minnesota Vikings, one of the best moments of the season for the purple has an opportunity to win an award this evening.

Tonight, on FaceBook Live, there will be a half-hour show where fans can vote for the 2017 NFL Celebration of the Year. The show will be hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, and will get underway at about 8:00 PM Central time. You’ll be able to see it by going to the NFL’s FaceBook page, and we should be able to embed the FaceBook Live post here when the event starts as well.

The Vikings are one of the four teams that made it to the final vote in this particular tournament. Their entry, among all of their good ones this year, was their “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck” celebration from their Monday Night victory over the Chicago Bears in Week 5. Their competition will be

I mean, obviously the Vikings’ celebration is the best one of the four. But, if you’d like to see them get the actual award for it, make sure to jump on the interwebs at 8:00 PM Central and cast your vote. The winner will be announced at next week’s NFL Honors ceremony.