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Sam Bradford returns to practice; fully participates on Wednesday

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: We have updated this story to clarify Sam Bradford’s status. Apologies for any confusion that may have been caused.

The never-ending saga that is known as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback position added another layer when earlier this week Sam Bradford returned to practice.

Bradford had the game of his life against the New Orleans Saints after completing 27-of-32 passes for 346 yards and three touchdowns. But any hopes for the season of his life went out the window after he injured his knee on a non-contact play. He did try to play one more game against the Chicago Bears but it was too much for him as he played nervously and the team had to sit him.

Bradford was ruled out for the season and we were all left to wonder what would happen long term with Bradford and having to adjust to Case Keenum being the starter for the season.

Fast forward four months later, and the Vikings are in the playoffs and Bradford is back and is fully practicing just like we predicted after the Bears game.

To get back onto the field, Bradford had to do something that he, and no one with knee issues, wanted to do: have a third knee surgery. Bradford spoke with John Shipley of the Pioneer Press about the plans he and Vikings athletic trainer Eric Sugarman laid out, “it seemed like we tried about everything we could to get it to calm down. I wanted to give it as much time as possible, and it just seemed like whatever we did, it just wasn’t getting to the point that we needed it to get to.”

Going into the surgery, Bradford feared the worst but hoped for the best. “Obviously, having gone through what I’ve gone through with this knee, and having gone through another surgery, the initial couple of days, or couple of weeks after the surgery, you’re still not exactly sure how things are going to go and how your knee is going to respond,” he said. “It’s hard not to let those thoughts creep into your mind. That was a battle I fought for a few weeks.”

With Bradford healthy and practicing again, he doesn’t have to worry about letting those thoughts get to him. His only worry is what his next move will be. While he doesn’t say if he wants to stay with the Vikings or go, playing is what he wants to do for as long as he can. Would it be the end of the world for Minnesota if he left? No. He has been a great quarterback here but we all knew he wasn’t going to the be the end all be all. But if does decide to stay, it would only make the next season a lot more interesting for us and the seemingly never-ending quarterback debate.