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Brad Childress announces his retirement

The kick-ass offense is, officially, no more

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Given that there have only been nine men that have ever been able to call themselves the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, it’s kind of a big deal when one of them decides to hang up their headset. One of those men did just that yesterday.

Brad Childress, who was the head coach of the Vikings from 2006 to mid-2010, has officially announced his retirement from coaching. Childress was hired following the firing of Mike Tice, and led the Vikings to two postseason appearances and one trip to the NFC Championship Game.

Following his departure from Minnesota, Childress took a year off before being hired as the Offensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns in 2012. After that, he moved to the Kansas City Chiefs, where he spent three seasons as a “spread game analyst.” He was then promoted to Offensive Coordinator in 2016 and was an Assistant Head Coach this past season.

Childress’ coaching career in the National Football League spanned nearly 20 years. After a one-year stint with the Indianapolis Colts in 1985, he returned to the pro game for good in 1999, spending three years as the quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles then promoted him to their Offensive Coordinator spot, a job he held for four seasons before moving on to Minnesota.

While Childress’ career with the Vikings wasn’t what many of us hoped it would be, he still did some pretty good things during his time here. Here’s to an enjoyable retirement for Childress and his family.