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NFL closes investigation into Tramaine Brock

The league will take no further action

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League has announced that is has concluded its investigation into an incident from earlier this year involving Minnesota Vikings’ cornerback Tramaine Brock, and the league says they will take no further action against him.

Brock had been arrested back in April on suspicion of domestic violence. He was released a day later by the San Francisco 49ers, and wound up signing with the Seattle Seahawks. There were charges filed in June, but they were dropped in August due to a lack of evidence against Brock.

The league released a letter they sent to Brock detailing their decision.

The letter reads:

In April of 2017 the NFL learned from public sources that you were arrested for an alleged domestic violence incident in Santa Clara, California. While criminal charges were initially brought against you by the local prosecutor’s office, those charges were subsequently dismissed based on insufficient evidence on August 8, 2017. Shortly after the incident was reported the league initiated its own investigation of these allegations pursuant to the NFL Personal Conduct Policy (“PCP”), and recently completed its review of the matter.

The conclusion of the league’s investigators is that there is insufficient evidence to support a finding that you engaged in any activity that violated the PCP. Consequently, this will confirm that our investigation has been closed and no action will be taken by the NFL with respect to this incident.

I’ll be honest. . .I had completely forgotten that Brock was even being investigated at this point. But, apparently, he was, and now we can all forget about it because nothing further is going to happen to him as a result of an incident that he was involved in nine months ago.