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Vikings fans starting to regain confidence

Winning will do that, I suppose

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

From what we’ve seen in our FanPulse results each week, the level of confidence was waning significantly prior to last week, and with good reason. An ugly, ugly loss against Buffalo and a shootout loss to Los Angeles dropped the Vikings’ record to 1-2-1, and the team appeared to be a far cry from what many were expecting going into the season.

Apparently, getting a win and a small measure of revenge over the defending Super Bowl champions was enough to get things back on the upswing.

With their 23-21 victory in Philadelphia last Sunday, the percentage of Vikings fans that felt they were confident in the direction of the team has more than doubled. Going into Week 5, that number was at just 33%, but now the number is at 70%.

Fans of their opponents this week, the Arizona Cardinals, are not nearly as confident.

According to our friends over at Revenge of the Birds, in what appears to be a bit of a strange trend, their confidence in the team appears to have dropped following a victory. The Cardinals picked up their first victory of the season last week with a win over San Francisco, but while their level of confidence going into Week 5 was at 33%, their confidence level going into this week’s game sits at just 18%.

Both teams, at this point, seem to be in agreement with their projected results of this week’s game at U.S. Bank Stadium is going to be. Vikings’ fans, on average, are predicting a 9-point victory, while Cardinals fans are projecting that their team will lose by 7. Hopefully that will come to fruition this Sunday.