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Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings: Game time, channel, radio, streaming and more

How can you follow along with all of the action on Sunday?

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Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

For the first time since Week 3, the Minnesota Vikings will take the field at U.S. Bank Stadium, as they will play host to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon in Week 6 action. The last time the Vikings played at home, things went. . .well, they were bad, folks. We won’t rehash it. But, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully the Vikings can capitalize on the momentum of last week’s victory.

So, how can you follow along with all the action from U.S. Bank Stadium?

Television Info

After a couple of weeks at a different time, on Sunday we are back to the best time for National Football League action to kick off, that being noon Central time on Sunday afternoon. The game will be carried by FOX, which is KSTP-9 in the Twin Cities, and the play-by-play will be handled by Sam Rosen and Ronde Barber.

If you’re outside of the Twin Cities area, you can see if you are in the primary coverage area thanks to this map from 506 Sports. The Vikings/Cardinals game will be the primary game in the area shown in green.

If you’re looking for the game on the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package, you’ll want to tune to Channel 711.

For our friends in the UK, this game will not be shown on any of the usual outlets that broadcast NFL football over there. (This week is actually the start of the International Series games in London, so I guess that makes sense.) Kickoff time for those in the UK that can watch on NFL Game Pass is 6:00 PM UK time.

For our men and women in uniform overseas. . .well, once again, you’re out of luck. The American Forces Network has once again decided that the Vikings are not only not worthy of being shown live, they’re not even worthy of a replay sometime later on Sunday or on Monday. Sorry, folks.

Radio Info

If you’re not going to be anywhere near a television for this one, you’ll be able to hear the call from Paul Allen and Pete Bercich on the Vikings Radio Network. That link goes to a list of Vikings Radio Network affiliates across the Upper Midwest. See if yours will be carrying the game. There are a couple of other places you can find it online as well, including the TuneIn radio service as well as the KFAN site (if you’re on a desktop or laptop computer only. . .it won’t work on phones or tablets).

For those that have satellite radio, you can find the Vikings Radio Network feed on Sirius Channel 113. If you have XM Radio, you can hear the game on XM Channel 231. If you’re using the SiriusXM Online App, the Vikings’ permanent home there is Channel 819.

Referee Info

According to Football Zebras, the officiating crew for this contest will be led by Jerome Boger. The last time that Boger officiated a game involving the Vikings was almost exactly a year ago, as he was the head referee for the Vikings’ 20-17 victory over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Monday Night Football.

Weather Info

Well, the weather won’t actually affect the game itself, what with it being held indoors and everything. For those of you who are interested in pre-game activities, it’s going to be a little nippy tomorrow, according to the folks from WeatherNation. Temperatures leading up to the game will be in the low-to-mid 30s, and by the time you’re heading out of the stadium to make your way home, it might get up to 40 degrees.

Streaming Info

There are several legal subscription services that are available in order to stream the game legally. Among them are, USTVNow, and Sling TV. If you’re overseas, your best bet is going to be NFL GamePass.

Since it has recently been brought up, I want to make it perfectly clear that streams from Reddit or other places are not. . .I repeat, not. . .legal. If you’d like to argue about that, you can argue it somewhere else, because the moderators won’t listen to that garbage. Until Reddit, or anywhere else, has a deal with the National Football League, those streams are illegal and not welcome to be put up on this site. If you want to use them, go find them on your own and don’t be plastering them in the comments section here unless you’d rather not be in the comments of the Game Thread. . .or any other thread. . .here at DN.

That should be all of the information you need in order to keep track of all the action from U.S. Bank Stadium between the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon. We’ll have our Open Thread for the first quarter up about an hour before kickoff or so, and we hope that you’ll join us here for all of the fun!