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NFC North fan confidence reflected in latest FanPulse results

Losses = drops in confidence

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got our results from this week’s FanPulse polls from all of the NFC North sites along the SB Nation network, and not surprisingly fans are either more or less confident in their teams entering Week 7 action based on how they did in Week 6.

As far as the Minnesota Vikings are concerned, their 27-17 victory over the Arizona Cardinals was enough for a slight lift in fans’ spirits, as we now have a full three-quarters of Vikings fans expressing confidence in the direction of the team. Yes, they’re now up to 75% in the confidence ratings, good for second in the NFC North in that category this week.

Looking at what fans of the Vikings and their opponents this week, the New York Jets, think of this week’s contest, it appears that both sides are expecting a Minnesota victory. Vikings fans are, on average, looking at an eight-point win over the Jets, while Jets’ fans predictions average out to a 2-point Minnesota win.

That was only the second-biggest rise in confidence this week, however. The biggest rise comes from a team that didn’t actually play in Week 6. The Detroit Lions, coming off of their bye, saw the level of confidence in their team go from 52% to 58% this week.

That 58% is not the lowest level of confidence in the NFC North, however. No, that distinction goes to the Green Bay Packers. In spite of. . .or, perhaps, because of. . .their last-minute victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football, only 34% of Green Bay fans are confident in the direction of their team this week.

The only NFC North team that saw a drop in confidence this week was the only team that lost. With their overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Chicago Bears saw confidence in their team drop from a season-high of 96% down to 85%.

It doesn’t figure to get any easier for the Bears this coming Sunday. . .they get the distinction of facing the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon.

That’s a look at some of this week’s FanPulse results from around the NFC North. We did have a team-specific question for this week, and we’re waiting for the graphic for that one to be finalized before we put it out there. We’ll have some more on those results tomorrow.