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Adam Thielen doesn’t worry about his stats, he wants to win

We can be impressed for him.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen is on a roll this season, as he’s in first place with 58 receptions and 712 receiving yards, in addition to scoring four touchdowns. He is doing so well six weeks into the season that his some of his stats match his season total from a year ago.

And while having the number one receiver in the league excites us, none of that matters to him.

Thielen spoke to the media on Thursday about the only thing that matters, winning.

“I think each player in this locker room wants to win. And sometimes that might sound cliché but it’s the truth. I could care less what my stats are, as long as we’re winning ball games.”

Thielen did go on to say this about the two game winning streak: “We’ve been able to do that the last couple weeks. And whatever I can do to be apart of that, I’m going to do it.”

While winning games is of the utmost importance, I hope (well, I’m positive) that he takes the time to look at how well he is doing right now. The six week roll he has been on is outstanding and honestly there is nowhere to go but up for him.

And going against the New York Jets secondary that has definitely seen better days gives Thielen a real shot at lucky number seven.

But, to Thielen, he just wants to make sure that he is getting better week in and week out. “Numbers sometimes mask how you’re playing. Doesn’t mean that you’re playing well, playing bad. So you gotta look at the tape and you gotta get better... teams are just gonna have a target on your back now. And you gotta continue to do the little things to make sure you’re being successful and that’s what counts.”

Thielen doesn’t have to worry about bragging about his success this season. We’ll keep doing it for him.