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Vikings 2018 Season, Week 7: Jets News and Notes

I read up on our opponents so you don’t have to!

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

When the season started, Vikings fans no doubt looked at this two week stretch in the schedule - games versus the Cardinals and Jets - and saw a nice break in between the Rams, Eagles, Saints, and Lions. Well, after the Buffalo debacle - and the fact that the team didn’t exactly blow out the Cardinals - Vikings fans are feeling at least a little bit of trepidation this week, right? Right?

The Jets opened the season at Ford Field in Detroit by shocking the football world with a 48-17 full-on ass-kicking of the Detroit Lions, and not a single person reading this right now saw it coming. Say what you want about losing to Buffalo, but the Bills were in the playoffs last year. The Jets? Head Coach Todd Bowles (no relation) is in his fourth season as coach of the Jets. In 2015, Bowles first season as Head Coach, his team went 10-6 to earn their first winning record since 2010. But the team quickly remembered how to suck, and pulled off two straight 5-11 seasons.

Now, however, Bowles and company are sitting at 3-3 - not a bad record, all things considered. They’ve beaten the Lions, Broncos and Colts, and averaged over 40 points per game in those wins. In their three losses - versus the Dolphins, Browns and Jaguars - the team has averaged just over 13 points.

New York’s victory last week over the Colts wasn’t pretty in a conventional sense. The Jets scored 42 points. Kicker Jason Meyers (no relation) booted seven field goals. 23 of the teams points came off of turnovers. But, hey. A win is a win.

The Jets on Offense

For the most part, the story of the Jets offense has been about the play of quarterback Sam Darnold, who certainly has fans in the New York area excited. But Darnold’s season has some definite Jekyll and Hyde to it, also. His passer rating stands at a respectable 83.7, buuuut his completion percentage is under 60 percent. He’s thrown nine touchdowns, annnnd seven interceptions. He’s had two games throwing for more than 280 yards, aaand four throwing for fewer than 200.

The New York media this week is all aflutter trying to convince fans (and themselves, perhaps?) that they’d rather have Darnold than Kirk Cousins.

In a Vikings-related note, Darnold did break a “record” held by none other than former Minnesota Viking legend Fran Tarkenton.

In the days leading up to the draft, and in the months since, I’ve had a hard time putting a finger on where exactly I’ve seen Sam Darnold. Suddenly, it all became Incredible-y clear...

Jets Wide Receiver Robby Anderson (no relation) personifies the term “vertical threat” maybe more than any other receiver in the league. In his now three seasons playing for the Jets, Anderson has averaged over fifteen yards per reception, scoring twelve times. It’s a good bet that if Anderson is open, Darnold will target him, and if he gets behind the defender, he’s gone. According to a website called, Anderson’s player comparison is none other than former Viking Jerome “Smoky” Simpson. Here’s a nice example from the Denver game of Anderson’s talent.

Running Back Isaiah Crowell signed with the Jets this year, just in time to face the Cleveland Browns - his old squad. In the game versus Cleveland - which the Jets lost, Crowell scored a touchdown, leading to this “celebration”:

It feels like a cheap ripoff of the Moss Moon, and no, Joe, the moon was not a “disgusting act” and you still suck.

It wasn’t all bad news for Crowell, though, as he scored an endorsement deal with a product called Dude Wipes - which, if I am correct in my ASSumption - is a toilet paper replacement. But for Dudes. Or Bro’s.

My guess is that it smells something like AXE Body Spray, and is meant to help you get the ladies. Seriously though, if you spend time worrying that the ladies are gonna worry about your dingleberries to the extent that you need special manly smelling butt wipes… I can’t… I mean… First, you’re gonna look like a total nad if you go in and buy ‘em. Do what the rest of the world does and buy some Huggies baby wipes. The woman at the checkout won’t judge you. She’ll think you have a kid at home and that you’re super sensitive and nurturing and probably won’t care if you miss a dingleberry or two.

The Jets on Defense

Oh, yeah. Football. The Jets defense isn’t exactly made up of household names - although a couple probably will be in the near future. After jettisoning Sheldon Richardson, the team turned the interior DL reigns over to matchup nightmare and former sixth overall pick Leonard WIlliams. They haven’t been able to generate a whole lot of sacks as a team, with only a middle-of-the-road total of fourteen, but Williams leads the team with three. A total of ten different players have collected sacks. The Jets dial up pressure through the blitz, and those blitzes may not lead to sacks, but they have led - at least in part - to a total of fifteen team takeaways, good for second in the league.

The 2018 Jets have won games with points off of turnovers. One player who has been outstanding this season is Linebacker Darron Lee, at least according to the folks at PFF.

At least one publication thinks the Jets defense is licking their chops over the matchup versus the Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, and the rest of the Vikings’ offense. And maybe there’s reason for it. The Jets have been even better than the Vikings this year in base personnel.

Ridiculous Quote Of The Week

There’s a couple of similar Twitter hawt taeks that represent the category well this week.