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Football Discussions

  • Nick Bosa
  • Cardinals Game Recap
  • What should we do with Dalvin?
  • Pour one out for Mike Hughes

Jets Game Preview with @ConnorJRogers

  • Who are we and where can our listeners find your work?
  • Why is the NY Media so salty about Kirk Cousins?
  • Were you all in on Kirk this off season?
  • How did you feel about Darnold during draft season and has your opinion changed?
  • Offensive bright spots for the Jets
  • Keys for the Jets on defense
  • Pressure packages/exotic blitz package
  • How does the fan base feel about this season and the future?
  • Keys to Victory
  • Bold prediction/Score prediction
  • MIN/NYJ Roundtable
  • Keys to Victory
  • Bold prediction/Score prediction
  • Yinka: 24-17 Vikings
  • JR: 31-17 Vikings; Adam Thielen 200 yards
  • Myles: 35-24 Vikings; Kirk throws 4 TDs
  • Jayson: 24-20 Vikings; AT/SD over 150 receiving and Murray over 75 yards rushing

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