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Minnesota Vikings’ Adam Thielen ties old record from ‘61

I had no idea who Charlie Hennigan was a week ago, now I do

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Cousins dropped back in the pocket, Adam Thielen moved on the outside of Jets’ cornerback Darryl Roberts, and started to move up the sideline toward the end zone. Cousins saw Thielen, aired it out 36-yards to put it right over Roberts, and into Thielen’s hands for Minnesota’s first touchdown of the game. That was just the start to Thielen’s historic game.

For the seventh consecutive game this season, Thielen has recorded over 100-receiving yards. Thielen has tied a record that was set back in 1961 by Charlie Hennigan. He did what Thielen did, just like 57 years earlier, record seven straight 100+ receiving yards to start the season. Everyone is probably wondering who Thielen is, right? Well, he’s a undraf…

Don’t worry I’m not going to go there. If you haven’t heard the story yet, then I’m convinced you live under a rock. If you don’t know who Adam Thielen is period, then you probably definitely live under a rock.

But on a real note, I didn’t know who Hennigan was until about a week ago. I heard our very own Daily Norseman writer Ted Glover hung out with him back in the late ‘40’s, early ‘50’s though (kidding).

Hennigan played seven seasons with the Houston Oilers from 1960-1966. The year he set the record in 1961, he caught 82 receptions for 1,746 yards, and 12 touchdowns. In his 95 games he caught over 400 passes for a near 7,000 yards.

Give a man credit when credit is due. Thielen has earned respect from his on-field performances, or at least he should. If you don’t respect the man, then you’re simply a hater, and that’s not cool. Haters gonna hate, I suppose. He was certainly getting love on Twitter from former Vikings like Cris Carter, Chad Greenway and current teammate George Iloka.

I wanted to try and make this post a little bit more interesting for fans of Thielen. I figured I would upload his college highlights from Mankato State, and his highlights from the season. Here’s a video that combined the two:

The real question is, how long will the streak continue? Hopefully for the rest of the year. Week by week, Thielen is slowly becoming Cousins’ go-to guy. On the year, Thielen has caught 67 passes for 822 yards. He’s only 454 yards away from matching his career-high 1,276 receiving yards from last season.

However, you’d think teams would start to double cover him soon. If defenses do start to do that, then I’d assume Stefon Diggs would see the same type of productivity he did last year. Not saying Diggs isn’t being productive, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it just seemed like Diggs was the deep threat guy last year.

All in all, it seems like the Vikes are coming around, and it feels freaking great.

Look out for my ‘Three takeaways’ from the game against the Jets, sometime Monday evening. SKOL!