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Minnesota Vikings: A few roster changes

A promotion, an addition and a few subtractions

NFL: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings made a few roster changes on Saturday that involved four players.

Defensive tackle David Parry was waived, offensive lineman Storm Norton was promoted from the practice squad, Jalen Myrick was released from the practice squad and defensive tackle Curtis Cothran was signed to the practice squad.

With the lack of depth for linemen, promoting Norton was probably a safe call. Norton has been a part of the P.S. since joining the Vikings in December 2017. He’s spent time with the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions. Norton’s participated with the Vikings throughout the 2018 offseason.

Cothran was removed from the P.S. on Oct. 24, and was promptly brought back to the squad. I’m assuming the reason Parry was released is because of Everson Griffen’s return to the lineup.

Parry has been a solid depth guy on that defensive front, when needed. He’s combined for 4 tackles and a sack in three games.

A question for the fans that can maybe help me out. Since Parry was waived, and with one practice squad spot open, does Parry get signed to the P.S. then? Or I guess, can the organization sign him to the P.S.?