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In this episode:

Football Discussions

Trade Deadline

Amari Cooper

Giants/Raiders and rebuilding

Vikings Talk

Jets Game Recap

Grade of Kirk Cousins’ performanceIs the running game really back?

What does Dalvin mean to this team going forward?

Costly injuriesEverson Griffen is back!!!

What does this do to the locker room?

How quickly do you expect him to be back into the usual rotation?

Has Weatherly earned more snaps?

Saints Preview

Key match ups

Vikings WRs vs Saints DBs

Vikings DL vs Saints OL

Can our secondary hold up?

Will Kirk keep up with Brees?

Who should start on the OL if Reiff is back?LT

Bold prediction/Score prediction

Yinka: 31-30 Vikings; 62 yards GW field goal from Bailey

JR: 34-31 Vikings; Kirk Cousins 4 TDs

Jayson: 31-28 Vikings; Kyle Rudolph 100 yards and 1 TD

Recent/Upcoming Projects

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