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Week 8 FanPulse: Vikings fans very confident in playoff odds

As confident as you can be, mathematically

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

A little later in the week than we usually do them, but we’ve got a look at our FanPulse results for Week 8. Once again, following a victory for the Vikings, the overall confidence in the team has gone up, according to our survey.

The percentage of fans that are confident in the direction of the Vikings now stands at 80%, which is up from last week’s figure of 75%. Shockingly, that’s only the third-highest level of confidence amongst NFC North teams this week.

At the top of the list is the Detroit Lions, who have seen their confidence rating go up to 86%, a huge increase from the 58% figure they were at last week. Fans of the Chicago Bears saw a small drop after their last-second loss to New England, but they’re still at 84%, which is ahead of the Vikings. Last, coming off of their bye week, the Green Bay Packers saw yet another drop in confidence, as now only 32% of their fans are confident in the direction of their team.

Damn shame, that.

This week’s survey also asked fans whether or not they were confident that their team was going to make the 2018 NFL playoffs. There were four teams whose SB Nation fan sites whose fan bases are 100% positive that their team is going to make the postseason: The Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Rams, the New Orleans Saints. . .and YOUR Minnesota Vikings. Yes, even New England Patriots fans are “only” 96% sure that their team is going to be playing in the postseason, which is a little surprising.

Among the other NFC North teams, 66% of Lions fans believe their team is going to the playoffs. The Bears have 57% of their fanbase thinking that they’re going to the postseason, while 55% of Packers fans think that Aaron Rodgers can single-handedly will that team into the playoffs one more time.

That’s a look at this week’s FanPulse results, folks. If you have any thoughts on a Vikings-specific question we could submit for next week’s poll, feel free to leave it in the comments.