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Minnesota Vikings FanPulse Week 5: Confidence still dropping

How low can it go?

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings certainly haven’t gotten off to the start that any of us would like this season. Because of that, as you’d expect, the confidence of the fans in the direction of the team has dropped significantly over the course of the past couple of weeks. (Sign up here to take our weekly Vikings survey)

Following their loss to the Los Angeles Rams that dropped the purple to 1-2-1 on the young season, the FanPulse survey shows that confidence in the team has dropped. . .but only slightly, particularly compared to the drop from the previous week. Today, only one out of every three fans (33%) is confident in the direction of the Minnesota Vikings.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much lower it can get, folks. I know that there are a group that are eternally optimistic about this team, and Mike Zimmer pointed out recently that how the team starts isn’t necessarily an indicator of how they finish. After all, the 2016 Vikings started out 5-0 and ended 8-8, while last year’s squad started 2-2 and finished 13-3. It’s a long season, and I have a feeling we’ll start seeing that number trend upwards before too much longer here.

That 33% mark, however, puts Vikings fans at the bottom of the NFC North in terms of confidence. Even lower than the Detroit Lions, the one team behind the Vikings in the division standings, who are at 35% this week.

Bit of a roller coaster there for the Lions, eh?

Green Bay fans are still relatively confident in the direction of their favorite team after pitching a shutout against the same Buffalo Bills team that shellacked the Vikings in Week 3. Packer fans’ confidence in their team currently sits at 60%, which is not great, but compared to Minnesota and Detroit it’s pretty damn good.

Of course, the NFC North fan base that’s the most confidence is the one with the most reason to be confident, the Chicago Bears. A full 96% of Bears fans are currently confident in the direction of their team. It’s not quite as high as Vikings’ fans confidence early in the season (which topped out at 98%), but it’s still awfully impressive for a team that I don’t think most of us expected a lot from.

I really, sincerely hope that the Vikings give us some more reason for optimism here in the relatively near future. It would be nice to see the numbers go up again.