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In this episode:

Question of the day: Should Mike Zimmer be on the hot seat?

Eagles Preview with @MichaelKistNFL

What have you been up to and where can we find your work now?

How is the Eagles fan base feeling about this season?

Are the Lev Bell rumors for real?Any concerns about a Superbowl hangover?

Eagles offensive line struggles?

Nelson Agholor regressing?

MIN/PHI Game Preview

Eagles Keys to Victory and Concerns

Kirk Cousins as the x-factor

Score prediction and bold prediction

27-13 Eagles;

Thrive Fantasy

Vikings Talk

LA Rams Game Recap

MIN/PHI Preview

Keys to Victory vs Philadelphia

Bold prediction/Score prediction

Yinka: 30-23 Eagles; Running backs or Special teams only scores for Vikings

JR: 27-17 Eagles; Hunter 2 sacks

Myles: 27-21 Vikings; 3 Vikings turnovers forced.

Jayson: 24-21 Vikings; Harrison Smith is back!!!

Recent/Upcoming Projects

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