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SotaStickCo honors John Randle for a good cause

You can get a great shirt AND help a great charity

Our friends from SotaStickCo have put together a brand new t-shirt design honoring one of the true greats in Minnesota Vikings history, and purchasing the shirt also sends money towards a very good cause.

The shirt features Hall of Fame defensive tackle John Randle with his iconic face paint that we got to see during his playing days (well, until the NFL said that he couldn’t do it anymore). Like all of SotaStickCo’s shirts, this is a high-quality item that won’t shrink or fade, even after repeated wearings.

In addition to getting an awesome shirt, you’ll be donating to charity when you purchase this one, as Mr. Randle has worked with SotaStickCo to ensure that $2 from every shirt purchased is donated to St. David’s Center.

St. David’s Center is an exceptional preschool, children’s mental health clinic and pediatric therapy clinic—all under one roof. We also provide day treatment programs for children with autism and mental health diagnoses on our Minnetonka campus. In addition, we offer a variety of programs throughout the Twin Cities metro area in community settings and in family homes.

This shirt is in the pre-order stage, and will be shipping on 19 October. It is available in men’s, women’s, and youth styles. You can even get it in hoodie form.

Kudos to John Randle and SotaStickCo for doing this for an outstanding cause.