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Harrison Smith voted NFL’s best safety by Associated Press

Because. . .well, duh.

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings have known that safety Harrison Smith has been the best at his position in the National Football League for quite a while. Now, he’s officially gotten a bit of recognition for it.

Smith was recently voted the best safety in the National Football League by a panel of Associated Press reporters, and he won their voting by a pretty healthy amount. Of the ten ballots that were cast, Smith garnered eight first place votes. He also got one second place vote and one third place vote. That gave him 97 out of a possible 100 points, easily putting him ahead of New York Giants’ safety Landon Collins.

The AP panel had high praise for Smith.

“Not only is Smith the clear leader at this position, particularly with his skills in coverage,” said New York-based writer Barry Wilner, “but he’s probably Minnesota’s most valuable defensive player.”

. . .

”Smith is an elite pass defender who can bat away a throw or pick off a pass on one play, then sack the QB on the next,” Washington-based Howard Fendrich said.

Things like this shouldn’t be that surprising, but when you see Smith finishing behind other safeties on lists like the annual NFL Network Top 100 list. . .he finished behind Thomas in this year’s version. . .it’s nice to get a bit of confirmation.