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FanPulse, Week 10: Confidence in the Vikings dips despite bye

Seems a bit strange, to be honest

NFL: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

While we saw the Minnesota Vikings’ average spot in our Power Rankings Roundup go up this week, despite a bye, confidence in the team is slightly down this week according to the results of this week’s FanPulse voting.

Despite not playing this week, our poll shows that 75% of fans of the purple are confident in the team this week. Given that the confidence level was at 80% last week, the slight drop is a bit curious, in my opinion.

Even though confidence in the team appears to have dropped, our folks that were polled this week seem to believe that the Vikings will win this Sunday’s big divisional contest against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. The average FanPulse poll taker this week is predicting a five-point victory for the Vikings on Sunday Night Football.

Not to be outdone, confidence for the Bears is once again riding high.

Bears fans have been pretty confident all season long, and that continues after they beat the Detroit Lions at home this past Sunday. Their confidence level is currently at 95%. . .and that’s not even the highest it’s been at this year. It’s been as high as 96%.

Much like our readers, the folks from Windy City Gridiron that have answered this week’s poll feel that their team is going to pull out a close victory on Sunday Night Football, as their average is a four-point Chicago victory.

Two pretty confident NFC North teams are heading into Soldier Field this Sunday, folks. Hopefully it will be the other guys that see that take a hit on Monday morning.