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In this episode:

Question of the day – What did you do over the bye week?

Vikings Talk

What are you hoping to see down the stretch?

Vikings Injury Report

Bears Game Preview with @AaronLemingNFL

How’d you get started in the industry?

Tell us about the Bears season to dateHow confident in the fan base right now?

How much did the addition of Khalil Mack change the franchise?

What are your thoughts on Trubisky’s development?

Are the new weapons in Chicago really as good as the stats?

Keys to victory for the Bears

Bold Prediction/Score Prediction

Aaron – No turnovers for Trubisky; 27-23 Bears

Yinka – 5 turnovers between the 2 QBs; 18-16 Vikings

Myles – Dalvin Cook over 150 all-purpose yards; 23-20 Vikings

JR – Latavius and Cook go for 200 rushing yards; 17-13 Vikings

Jayson – Kirk Cousins over 300 yards and 3 TDs; 22-21 Bears

Recent/Upcoming Projects

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