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FanPulse this week leaves no doubt as to who Vikings fans consider their rival

One team ran away with things

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s Rivalry Week this week around the SB Nation family of NFL sites, and we asked our readers this week who they consider to be the Minnesota Vikings’ biggest rival. The results. . .well, they’re not going to come as any huge surprise.

Of the four teams that were presented as options for the team’s top rival, the Green Bay Packers wound up at the top of the heap with 69% of the vote.

(1. . .2. . .3. . .”nice.”)

I know that Packer fans don’t consider the Vikings to be their #1 rival. . .the corresponding post over at Acme Packing Company details as much. . .but it was actually pretty close.

The battle for the second spot in our poll was actually pretty close, as the New Orleans Saints edged out the Chicago Bears by just 1% of the vote, 16% to 15%. Last, the Dallas Cowboys. . .who were presented as more of an option for our old-school fans and because DREW PEARSON PUSHED OFF. . .did not manage to get a single vote in the rivalry poll. I didn’t expect the Cowboys to win the voting or anything, but I didn’t expect them to get completely skunked, either.

There are the results of this week’s Rivalry Week poll, courtesy of FanPulse. We’ll have more results from this week’s survey over the next day or two.