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You’ve probably never Thanksgiving’d as hard as Sheldon Richardson

Of course, even for him there are limits

Minnesota Vikings v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Noted latter-day American philosopher Harry Callahan once declared that a man has got to know his limitations. Apparently that’s the case even on Thanksgiving, as one member of the Minnesota Vikings once found out the hard way.

Over at the mothership, our folks talked to four NFL defensive linemen about various Thanksgiving-related topics. One of those four was Vikings’ defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. Richardson recounted one particular Thanksgiving from his college days where he overdid things just a little.

“Family was over, everybody on my mom’s side. My mom and my dad’s families both do dinner at their folks’ house, and I ended up eating at both houses — three plates,” Richardson said in an interview with SB Nation.

Just to clarify the math here, Richardson ate six full plates of Thanksgiving food between the two houses.

Now, for a guy of Richardson’s size, eating six plates of food is probably not all that big a deal. Heck, plenty of people that aren’t Sheldon Richardson’s size put away a lot of food on Thanksgiving. And most Thanksgiving food is pretty delicious, so why not eat a lot of it, right?

It seemed like a good idea, until Richardson and his friends decided to hit up a local club.

“Yea bruh, I guess I ate too much and ended up throwing up like all over the place.” Richardson told SB Nation. “It was all Thanksgiving dinner food. Didn’t drink nothing, promise. Literally just STUFFED.”

Richardson’s Thanksgiving advice: “Don’t eat too much.”

Whether you want to take Sheldon Richardson’s advice on this Thanksgiving day or not, it might be something to keep in the back of your mind.

What’s the hardest you’ve ever Thanksgiving’d?