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Apparently Xavier Rhodes’ hamstring injury wasn’t so bad after all

So much for the “TV doctors”

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings USA TODAY NETWORK

Last night, following the Minnesota Vikings’ 24-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football, the focus shifted to the health of Vikings’ cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Rhodes suffered an injury to his right hamstring while trying to chase down Davante Adams in the fourth quarter, and it was serious enough that some speculated that it could require surgery. That would have ended Rhodes’ 2018 season.

Well, at his press conference on Monday afternoon, Vikings’ head coach Mike Zimmer put those concerns to rest.

To his credit, the “TV doctor” in question, Dr. David Chao, did admit that he was happy to be wrong.

This is why the only TV doctor that you should ever listen to is Dr. Gregory House. Unless it’s lupus, obviously.

In all seriousness, though, it’s good that Rhodes’ injury appears that it isn’t going to be serious after all. Here’s hoping, in that case, that any time that Rhodes misses will be minimal and he’ll be back for the stretch run.