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Vikings vs. Lions: Three things to watch

The Vikings are hungry, so they’ll be out hunting some Lions

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings host the Detroit Lions in a NFC North divisional matchup. Both teams are coming off a loss, so both are hungry for a win. It would be real nice if the Vikings can get a win considering Minnesota’s bye is next week.

With a key divisional game at hand, here’s my three things to watch for:

If Diggs is out, look for Treadwell and Robinson

Stefon Diggs is dealing with a rib injury and is listed as questionable moving into Sunday. Chad Beebe was called up from the practice squad, so that could be a sign that Diggs doesn’t play. It could also mean Beebe will just be used as a special teams guy.

If that’s the case and Diggs doesn’t play, then I would assume Thielen would be double covered throughout most of the game. If he is double teamed, then I would think Laquon Treadwell will get some more targets, as well as Aldrick Robinson. Obviously Robinson is kind of a deep-threat, touchdown target. Robinson has five receptions for 95 yards and three touchdowns.

Treadwell has seemed to improve over the past few weeks. He caught all four of his targets against Arizona and all three against the Jets. Last week he caught thee of five targets against the Saints. This season he’s recorded 25 catches for 216 yards and one touchdown.

Boone backing up Murray

With Roc Thomas out and Dalvin Cook playing under limited snaps leaves Latavius Murray to take over a majority of the workload. Mike Boone will be a solid backup for Murray when he needs relief. Boone has rushed for 47 yards off 11 carries in the six games he’s participated in this season. If you watched the preseason, you know that he was pretty productive.

Murray will hopefully continue to stay consistent. The past three games he’s had 52 carries for 280 yards and four rushing touchdowns. My thought is Boone will have 6 rushes for 30 yards. I think he’ll be beneficial in the passing game, only a few catches though, nothing too crazy.

What does a loss to the Lions mean?

Let’s say the Vikings do lose this game. The Vikes will be 4-4-1, will Zimmer be on the hot seat? Should he be? I think he’s going to address issues after the game if that is the case, as in he may blame himself.

I believe the management wouldn’t fire Zimmer, but anything can happen. Could George Edwards be on the hot seat if the Lions put up more than 30 points? I might overthink things, but as a fan I’m getting sick of mediocrity. Hold people accountable (not saying it’s either of their faults).

I get Minnesota have had injuries with some key players, but there shouldn’t be excuses. There’s a 53-man roster for a reason, and if the backups can’t get the job done then maybe they should find different backups, right?


  • Murray rushes for 120 yards and a touchdown.
  • Cousins throws for 245 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.
  • Thielen breaks for 100-yards receiving.
  • Defense/Special Teams scores a touchdown
  • Vikings win 28-17