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Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 29 – Gnome More Mistakes

GMG previews the Vikings vs Lions game

Good morning Horners! It’s Lions week, or when this comes out actually game day. Ted Glover, Drew Bunting, and I get together and preview what should be a fun-fest held within US Bank Stadium as our Minnesota Vikings take on the Detroit Lions.

In this episode, we talk about getting things right, like getting selected to win a gnome. We talk about no more mistakes. The Vikings, due to their own play, which has included mistakes in various aspects of the game, be it by players or by coaches, absolutely have little to no room left to make any mistakes if they wish to make the playoffs. A good example of this was the time management issue during the New Orleans Saints game. Norse Code’s Arif Hasan, asked Coach Mike Zimmer about this. This plays into some midseason grades that Drew asks Ted and me to give.

Looking ahead to the game, we talked about the impact of Detroit trading away one of their best receivers, in Golden Tate. He always used to be a thorn in the Vikings side just about every time they played the Lions. He is now gone leaving only Marvin Jones Jr and Kenny Golladay as the two only viable receivers for Matthew Stafford to throw to. Stafford has all the talent in the world but is inconsistent at times, just like our own Kirk Cousins can be, but has seemed to have pulled rabbits out of his hat when it comes to beating the Norsemen in their home stadium. Drew brings his normal bird’s eye view of the stats, and suggest that will be easily able to run against this team. It’s looking like Dalvin Cook is likely to return to play, and Latavius Murray is running well, so this could very well be the case. We are still looking forward to production from Adam Thiel and Stefon Diggs. Diggs however, has already been ruled out for the game with a rib injury he suffered while landing on the ball last week. Aldrick Robinson has stepped up and caught touchdowns just about every time he’s been on the field, that will have to continue Sunday as he is expected to get more playing time.

Even though the Lions traded away Golden Tate, they traded and got the week before, Damon “Snacks” Harrison to sure up their defensive line and beef up their run defense. The Vikings interior three, are going to have their hands full with that big man. This is the point where the rubber hits the road and the team must respond under the pressure. Vikings fans will be looking forward or hoping for, a convincing win just like in the old days when Dick the Bruiser and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka were tearing it up in the ring.

On the show, you have heard Drew talk about his playing days not only in football but as a rock bassist. He was part of a band called Little King, and a fan sent in a YouTube of them where you can see Drew head banging and knocking it out of the park, just like we expect the Vikings to do on Sunday.

If you like loud, hard rock, hair band music, check out the video above.

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